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Marsden Road Public School is a dynamic learning community. Our school’s core rules are for students to be safe, to be respectful and to be learners.
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Stage 3 Science Day

#MySchoolMRPS Stage 3 Science Day!

For more photos check out our Facebook page! www.facebook.com/mrpscommunity OR at the bottom of our website Homepage. #MySchoolMRPS Hi my name is Sandarka and I'm in Senior Peeps (SP). Our class is the class holding all the... Read more


#MyClassMRPS Goodbye Mr Teasdale

#MyClassMRPS Hi our names are Anastasija and Jovana and we are in ST. We are in the first photo, painting our awesome pieces of art. In ST we have 26 unpredictable students and a humorous teacher that never runs out of... Read more

Boys Dance

#MySchoolMRPS Boys Dance Group

#MySchoolMRPS Hi! I am AJ and I'm in Boys Dance. I am in the middle of the photo between my mates Issam and Rimon. At the beginning of the year, I decided to try out for Boys Dance because my Mum and Dad thought it was a good... Read more

PSSA Girls Soccer

#MySchoolMRPS Girls Soccer

#MySchoolMRPS Hi my name is Eleen and I'm part of the Senior Girls Soccer Team. You can see me in the front row of the photos with the funky purple glasses. Both the Senior Girls and Junior Girls soccer teams are really cool and... Read more

KK Writing

#MyClassMRPS KK Writing

#MyClassMRPS Our names are Jelena and Angelina and we are in KK. In our class we have been reading books by Anthony Browne. We liked the book 'My Dad'. So we all wrote messages about our own dads! Our dads are really clever and... Read more